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Raising Financially Fit Kids

Joline Godfrey: Financial Education Is Not JUST About Money

Joline Godfrey, CEO of Independent Means, is also the author of four books on financial education. Independent Means is one of the leading financial education firms in the world. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with Joline about the new edition of Raising Financially Fit Kids, the business of financial education and her approach in the context of families. If you are interested in purchasing her book, please visit the College CFO Store. What revelations have you had about young … [Continue Reading]


Challenge Your Money!

The AICPA's financial challenge "Ready, Set, Goal!" is kicking off week two with a question: Are YOU tracking your spending and saving? If the 'spreadsheet budget' is too old school for you, we've got some great alternatives to try! We're sure you've seen your friends using an app such as Mint or Level Money to track their spending. Try them yourself this week! They are free to download and only require your honesty in tracking your spending. There are also apps connected directly to a … [Continue Reading]


What It Means To Be Fabulously Frugal

Why does the word frugal get such a bad rep? Maybe it’s because we associate frugal with being cheap and with having no fun. Luckily, that’s not the case. We can lead fabulous and fun-filled lives while being frugal.  Here’s how… Frugality means caring about value. Value meaning, what you get for a certain price and knowing what other things of value that price can get you as well. It’s about understanding the opportunity cost of our purchases. Sure, we all want to retire, debt-free, take … [Continue Reading]


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